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view_our_packages“Sleek Physique”

Our experience working with many of the top modeling agencies, competitive athletes as well as dancers from prestigious companies has allowed us the understanding and knowledge to meet the dietary demands of these fields. Our dietitians are experts in helping clients achieve the body their art or sport requires. Whether athletes dedicated to improving their performance, models who need to eat for sustainability, dancers (ballet, modern, and theater) who need to attain a “sleek physique” or individuals simply wanting to maximize their workouts, our team of RD’s will get them there!

Our Menu for Success:

  • Customized Meal Planning: We develop a meal plan around our clients’ rigorous schedule as well as their dietary preferences and needs.
  • Pre/Post performance or competition planning:  Orchestrating it all can be overwhelming so we help sort out the timing and continuity of our clients’ intake.
  • Time management strategies for maximum energy: We review your work and/or training schedule in detail and translate that information into a personalized meal plan for maximum energy.
  • Food Education: Understanding is just as important as application.  We provide education on the nutritional demands of the specific sport and individual nutrient requirements.
  • Long-term effectiveness: We work with our clients as a team to assess the ongoing efficacy of their meal plan.

We work with Elite Athletes/Olympians, Gymnasts, Dancers, Models, Ice Skaters, Varsity Athletes, Student Athletes, Runners, Tri-Athletes to name a few. Many of our clients come to us to simultaneously manage co-occurring medical conditions such as Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Congenital Heart Conditions, Female Athlete Triad Syndrome, Hypoglycemia and Gastro-Intestinal issues.

To learn more about our sports nutrition specialists please call our office for further details.